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"Brendan is a master of Irish music performance and teaching. Having trained with Brendan on multiple instruments, he has taught me the art of Irish rhythm, melody, and accompaniment, which I also apply to other music genres. Brendan emphasizes quality musicianship, not speed and domination, and will kickstart or accelerate your skills as a performer, solist, and session participant. If you want to play acoustic music socially or professionally and experience the joys of the Irish music scene, sign on with Brendan. " 

– Andy Likuski

Have you ever considered learning Irish music?

Or do you already play an instrument and want to improve your skills?

I am an Irish musician and music teacher based in Oslo with extensive experience in Irish trad, folk, and American country music.

I teach Uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), whistles, guitar, and bodhran. But feel free to contact me if you play another instrument and just want to expand your repertoire of tunes.


60 minutes lesson: NOK 550

30 minutes lesson: NOK 300

Contact me for details if you are interested in group classes.

Not in Oslo? No problem, I can also teach online.

Brendan Monaghan playing uilleann Pipes


In August, I'll be teaching at the Féile Oslo Summer School of Irish music and dance.

Check it out here:

I will teach whistle and grúpa ceoil, and I will be joined by great teachers giving lessons in fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, accordions, guitar, step dancing, and sean nós dance.

There will also be sessions, a ceili, and a concert. In short, loads of fun. Welcome!

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